Egg Standards of Australia


NOTICE: Australian Eggs has contracted a new scheme administrator to manage the administration of ESA. AUS-MEAT will take over from Scheme Support Services (SSS) from 1 August 2018. It is business as usual with respect to accessing information from the ESA Online database until 31 July 2018. From 1 August 2018 the AUS-MEAT ESA database will be live and operational. Please refer to Australian Eggs for more information at


Egg Standards of Australia (ESA) – for Rearing and Layer Farms is a voluntary quality assurance program that has been developed through an extensive consultation process with egg farmers to provide a practical mechanism to demonstrate compliance with egg production standards.

ESA replaces the current industry scheme, Egg Corp Assured (ECA), providing greater clarity and a more robust set of compliance standards that have been independently reviewed against current Australian customer and regulatory requirements.

ESA has been developed to provide a compliance framework for egg farmers in meeting the needs of regulators, retailers, farmers and egg buyers in areas including hen welfare, egg quality, biosecurity, food safety, work health and safety and environmental management.