Custom Designed Database

Scheme Support Services harnesses its Intellectual Property to standardise practices and provide productivity and improvement in certification scheme management.

As a distinct industry recognised tool underpinning the Freshcare program, our custom designed database can be further modified to meet the needs of each individual client while retaining our core platform; with tailor-made logons and user specific functionality.

Through a process of database cloning, the infrastructure and resources developed, trialled and tested for Freshcare, can be made available to other industries for the management of similar programs, offering demonstrable outcomes through a proven industry tested resource.

Our database is the key to all aspects of program management and service delivery – from initial business registration, through training delivery, audit reporting and certificate issue.

Scheme Support Services offers a customised multi-user database to undertake core management and administration functions for certification schemes and other assurance programs.



Program Administration and Certification Scheme Management

Scheme Support Services core competency is in proven, expert, program administration and certification scheme management services.  This service is delivered through the implementation of verified procedures and protocols, and our applied understanding of how certification standards best operate.

Our demonstrated scheme management skills support our clients with a functioning, workable business solutions.



Training and Additional Support Services

Our expert training and support mechanisms are an additional service offered by Scheme Support Services.  We recognise that tailored approaches are required depending on the industry sector and client we are working with.
Key support services include:

  • Training for program participants and/or stakeholders – online training platform, regional networks.
  • Conference and workshop facilitation
  • Management of technical steering committees
  • Formal code and program review process
  • Communication –  website management, newsletters (e-news, hard-copy)

All these activities are professional, cost effective and offered on a fee for service basis as part of a full program management service.

As assurance requirements continue to change, these core competencies and our ability to cater for the needs of our clients will allow Scheme Support Services to continually evolve and enhance our service offering.